Maile School


maile-buildingThe Maile School has been Kauses4Kids, Inc. [foremost] community partner since our inception. They are personally involved and committed to each and every one of their students; developing personal enrichment  skills, assertiveness, and overall strategies toward positive life long enrichment.

Meet Brittani Holt Maile School and Kauses4Kids 1st Scholarship Recipient

brittani-holtAs a proud 2015 graduate of Evans High School, Brittani is a young woman who has set forth goals in spite of obstacles many adults would find challenging. In fact, she was nominated, and subsequently selected not solely based upon her [obvious] external beauty, but because she is also someone committed to pursuing her educational goals as a prospective student at Rollins College. Although she aspires to become a print model, actress, and./or singer, she also has expressed equal interest in entrepreneurship; giving back to her community with the hopes of owning a child care facility. It is because of her spirit of determination and resilience that we proudly support her endeavors.

As she so profoundly states:

“I am considered to be a humble and loving young lady; I live day by day taking care of my mom and brother who have sickle cell anemia. There is nothing I would not do to provide support and resources for my family, and those I love. I make an honest effort to positively impact those around me, whether it is through a word of hope, or a subtle smile. It is never enough to feel beautiful on the outside, unless I am able to express the hope, gratitude, and optimism I feel on the inside.”