Help a Child In Need

As a 501 ©3 non-profit established in order to provide BOTH resources for youth in need, as well as academic and job training skills for students who demonstrate personal commitment in addition to leadership potential. Since our inception as a grassroots level organization, we have been twice featured in the East Orlando Sun, and were awarded grants from Staples2Million and Change, which allowed us to provide scholarships for 1st generation college students. Additionally, we have also partnered with Maile’s Image, Acting and Modeling in Winter Park, Florida in order to provide vocational training for students with low self esteem, image, or self confidence issues in order to provide equal footing as it pertains to workplace interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, and also Ready4Life mentoring for students beginning at middle school and throughout college or vocational training. Inclusively, we have our annual Christmas Kindness Toy and Clothing Drive to meet as many students/families with unmet needs as possible.

As a solution oriented organization impacting the central Florida community, we are also proud to announce our partnership with Orange County Public School’s AVID (Advance Individual Determination) program. Our partnership with AVID has been our means of vetting students who demonstrate not only the greatest need, but who are also personally committed to redefining themselves by their potential as opposed to their circumstances. Overall, we have impacted the lives of hundreds of local students, pregnant teens, and child survivors of trauma.

Our goal this year is to provide resources for students with physical and/ or mental challenges. Would you partner with us today to make that goal a reality?