Community Outreach Personal Stories

Outreach Efforts & Community Reviews:

personal-storiesAs a fairly new organization (grassroots efforts began in November 2011, established 501 (c) 3 as of October 2014), there are numerous ways in which we have [successfully] impacted our communities:

  • Resources for Domestic Violence Women and Children
  • Resources for Teen Mothers and their young children
  • Single Parent Families
  • Title I School Resources, i.e. Nurse’s Station Resources, Clothing, Tutoring, etc.
  • Christmas Kindness Joint Effort with Jennifer Shaeffer Hansen, Titusville Moose Lodge, Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner Theatre, and Orange County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Individual Child Resources for referred children in need via school liaison officers, guidance counselors, or other credible references.
  • Volunteer tutoring and academic resources and referrals
  • Image, Confidence, Self Esteem, Leadership and Empowerment Resources

Here is what the community is saying:

Megan Reyes — 5 star

Exceptional organization, lending a helping voice, hand, and heart, to people in need. They are a shining light for those enduring dark times, their generosity and willingness to help others without question, is truly admirable. Children are our future, we need more organizations and programs that strive to protect and help our future generations grow into prosperous, strong, compassionate leaders. Kauses4Kids is a shining example of what we need more of in this world, please support this amazing organization.

RaeMichelle Williamson Johnson5 star

There are many charities Central Florida that assists with families, children, etc. but I have never met a single President/Founder so passionate about the desire to help those desparate children who cannot help themselves. I am proud to assist and work with with Kauses4Kids, Inc. whenever I can and will continue to do so. Pleease take an opportunity to speak with one of their passionate team members in order to determine how it is that you will be able to do the same.

Veronica Nape Norman – 5 star

This is a fantastic organization, they are a huge help for the children. My family and I are personally thankful for the help we received from them in our time of need.

Kevin Merkel — 5 star

I have been around this organization from the beginning. They do a great job of providing for children in the area through various fund raisers and distributing donations. I know the team works tirelessly and they expect nothing in return except the smiles on the kids faces. this truly is one of the good organizations to be a part of and to partner with.

Jamie Carter — 5 star

What a wonderful organization to help the children of Central Florida. You are a blessing to the children that need you. Thank you for such a top notch job.

Scot Marc — 5 star

Still in it’s infancy, this organization has touched many people. Already known for it’s big effect in a small footprint, Kauses4Kids has handily zeroed-in on student’s more personal struggles in our public school systems. This new direction is moving like wildfire. Congrats!

Paige Jackman Whitson — 4 star

This is a great non profit organization that helps children. Rodney is the perfect person to run and make a organization for kids a success. A Kause for Kids has been a success since it’s start and is growing stronger every day. I must say A Kause for Kids did something once for my kids and it was much appreciated. When I am in a position to donate and help a organization I truly believe does good I will help this organization without hesitation.

Sharon Hodges — 5 star

Best organization to cultivate the inner power that hides dorment in our youth today.

Andrew Russell Birkett — 5 star

Kauses4Kids is a great organization that is very much needed in the Central Florida area.