About Our Founder

Our Founder/ Executive Director

founder-rodneyRodney M. Hughley

As someone who as a child was all too familiar with the feelings of alienation and unworthiness, if ever there was a story re-affirming there are no “lost souls,” our Founder’s testament of redemption reaffirms just that; there are no “lost souls.”

While recovering from a near fatal incident, Rodney enrolled in college at the “non-traditional” age of 41. During his first semester, his academic advisor (Jocelyn Morales) did him the greatest service by encouraging him to nurture the seed for [his] capacity to have compassion and empathy for others. Shortly thereafter, he was bestowed the honor, being elected as Valenica College’s first ever Honors Advisory Council President. “Good grades mean little to nothing if I am not giving back to the very community that apportioned me the opportunities to earn them,” he states. Subsequently, hard work and determination, coupled with a willing desire to overcome past and present obstacles earned him an Honors Transfer Scholarship to attend the reputable Rollins College in Winter Park, FL.

“People need people in order to succeed,” he proclaims. And, it is evident, he works tirelessly to support others in the same manner that others support him. Child advocacy and youth empowerment are his foremost priorities.

A recipient of multiple scholarships, and an active graduate/student of Maile’s Image, Acting and Modeling in Winter Park, he has also appeared as talent in various commercials in the Orlando area. But, nothing gives him more motivation or sense of purpose than being the Founder and Executive Director of Kauses4Kids, Inc. He credits many people for his success (and equally values the resilience and determination learned as a result of his failures) to his faith and foundation of supportive family and friends. Finally, he firmly believes that of all the wonderful lessons he has learned in life, none are more valued than his belief that “the world is a much better place when we all remember to lift ourselves up with one arm, while remembering to lift someone else up with the other.”