About Us

Kauses4Kids, Inc. is a federally exempt 501(c)3 organization founded on the idea of helping children in need. Beginning as a grassroots level effort, we have endeavored to provide resources where the needs are the greatest. Comprised of a team of child advocate volunteers, we aim to not only assist children with crisis level needs in order that they may maximize their individual potential, but we also acknowledge the value in equally providing service opportunities for youngsters who express an interest in service engagement, while exhibiting leadership potential.

For a child in need, “being present and available” is life changing. (Quote from a recent recipient of Kauses4Kids services)

For this reason, we are especially happy to partner with volunteers who share our passion and commitment. Whether you are able to donate your time, resources (financial or otherwise), we implore each of you to consider assisting us further develop in areas of need.